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What Keeps Me Awake at Night? Our Future Workforce

Sometimes I am asked about the aspects of my job that keep me up at night. These days, it’s a challenge that I’m confident leaves many of my colleagues awake, too: Maintaining and growing a talented workforce.

That’s not easy, for a myriad of unique and interconnected factors. Recruitment, in general, is facing a broad challenge – the overall healthcare field is wanting, not just aging services. Whether we’re looking for someone on our dining staff or a skilled-care nurse, this is both a macro and micro hurdle for our industry.

Ageism and Its Effect on Older Adults

Regardless of our race, culture, or gender, aging is something we all share. Yet despite our commonality, prejudices toward older adults are rampant. Ageism, or the discrimination against people because of their age, is nothing new. In fact, as far back as the 1st century A.D., Roman philosopher Seneca observed “Senectus morbidus est,” or “Old age is a disease.”