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What Keeps Me Awake at Night? Our Future Workforce

Sometimes I am asked about the aspects of my job that keep me up at night. These days, it’s a challenge that I’m confident leaves many of my colleagues awake, too: Maintaining and growing a talented workforce.

That’s not easy, for a myriad of unique and interconnected factors. Recruitment, in general, is facing a broad challenge – the overall healthcare field is wanting, not just aging services. Whether we’re looking for someone on our dining staff or a skilled-care nurse, this is both a macro and micro hurdle for our industry.

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My name is Steve Fleming, and I’m president and CEO of The Well•Spring Group, a multi-modal aging services provider based in Greensboro, N.C., Well•Spring serves more than 1,000 older adults, from those who are enjoying an active, independent lifestyle to those needing high-quality, community-based, long-term care.

I’m enjoying my 17th year at the helm of Well•Spring, and my 31st year serving older adults.